The Best Reasons to Get Away from Los Angeles to Palm Springs, THE WESTCOTT

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December 1, 2015

The Best Reasons to Get Away from Los Angeles to Palm Springs

The Best Reasons to Get Away from Los Angeles to Palm Springs, THE WESTCOTT

You can bet that almost everyone in the country has been to, or at least heard of, the city of Los Angeles.  This famous California area is well-known for many reasons; it’s home to numerous amazing restaurants, bars, museums, art galleries, entertainment venues, and more.  However, the immense popularity of Los Angeles sometimes causes other fantastic nearby locations to become overlooked.  One city, in particular, that occasionally gets overshadowed by the enormity of Los Angeles is Palm Springs, California, a spectacular area that contains countless activities and attractions.  Los Angeles to Palm Springs is just a 2-hour drive; although fairly close together, these two cities have more differences than some visitors realize.  Read our list below to see why some people prefer the city of Palm Springs to Los Angeles and decide where you want to take your next vacation out West!

Top 3 Best Reasons to Get Away from Los Angeles to Palm Springs

Palm Springs Has Less Traffic

The population of Los Angeles is dramatically greater than that of Palm Springs- and with more people comes more inevitable traffic.  The roads of Palm Springs are much less crowded to decrease the chance of getting caught in bumper-to-bumper traffic during your vacation.  Although 107 miles isn’t that great of a distance, the crowdedness is reduced dramatically when you start traveling away from Los Angeles to Palm Springs.

Palm Springs Has More Space

Los Angeles radiates a city vibe; visitors definitely receive a sense of excitement and liveliness from its many towering buildings and famed attractions.  However, some people feel cramped in this kind of environment; they would rather spend their vacation in a more rural place that offers more privacy and open air.  With a less dense population and a more open city layout, Palm Springs is able to provide an alternative to the crowded city atmosphere of Los Angeles.

Palm Springs Has More Outdoor Activities

Since Los Angeles is mainly streets and buildings, it doesn’t hold many opportunities for outdoor activities.  Palm Springs contains a multitude of things to do in the great outdoors; you can find a variety of parks, bike trails, tennis courts, golf courses, and hiking trails.  You also have the option of wandering through one of its many gardens, exploring the Living Desert Zoo, or even taking a scenic ride on the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway!  Due to its relaxed environment, fewer crowds, and large amount of outdoor recreation combined with its many remarkable restaurants and thriving nightlife, Palm Springs is an ideal vacation destination for anyone.

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