Enjoy A Spectacular Day Trip To Idyllwild, THE WESTCOTT

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April 25, 2017

Enjoy A Spectacular Day Trip To Idyllwild

Enjoy A Spectacular Day Trip To Idyllwild, THE WESTCOTT

A perfect day trip from the desert of Palm Springs is to escape to the mountain town of Idyllwild, California. Nestled in the San Jacinto mountains, a 1-hour car trip to Idyllwild provides a polar opposite to Palm Springs with tall, majestic pine trees, fragrant cedar trees and legendary rock outcroppings. Idyllwild is truly a small town experience with shops and restaurants that are locally owned lending to a quiet, peaceful experience in this mountain town. You can be as lazy or adventurous as you’d like in Idyllwild, strolling through the town center or venturing into the mountains for hiking or climbing at the legendary Suicide Rocks or Tahquitz Rocks. You’ll appreciate the time away from the traffic and noise of city life when you escape to Idyllwild.

Shopping & Dining in Idyllwild

The heart of Idyllwild village is a collection of shops, restaurants and art galleries which exude small town charm. Check out Jo’ An’s Restaurant & Bar with a great selection of comfort foods plus an expansive outdoor patio where you’ll often find live entertainment. The Lumber Mill Bar & Grill is a roadside diner known for their impressive hamburgers. Restaurant Gastrognome has been serving up an eclectic mix of fine food and excellent service since 1972. If antiquing is in your blood, you’ll find a variety of shops to pick though including Idyllwild Gift Shop, Record Collector Idyllwild and Wooley’s, which specializes in sheepskin products. Pick up some art at Singerton Fine Arts or if you become inspired in Idyllwild, stop by Jack Farley’s Art Supplies.

Rock Climbing in Idyllwild

One favorite activity to enjoy is hiking and rock climbing in Idyllwild. Two popular spots with an abundance of boulders are Suicide Rocks and Tahquitz Rocks. Whether you are a seasoned rock climbing veteran or a beginner just learning the ropes, you’ll find the adventure you need at one of the locations where rock climbing started to becoming popular. The excellent weather of the Southern California mountains provides ideal conditions year round for the large variety of climbs available. Of the two rock climbing sites, Tahquitz Rock is readily identifiable from miles away, protruding from the side of the mountain with multi-pitched crags which necessitate rock climbing gear. “Bouldering” is a rock climbing alternative for the novice who doesn’t have the gear or experience allowing you to get close to the rocks while perched only a few feet from the ground. You can also simply enjoy the hike to Suicide or Tahquitz Rock and watch others as they ascend the rocks. Remember to be smart, careful and considerate on your trek to and on the rocks.

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