Discover Exciting Art Galleries in Palm Springs, THE WESTCOTT

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May 9, 2017

Discover Exciting Art Galleries in Palm Springs

Discover Exciting Art Galleries in Palm Springs, THE WESTCOTT

The Palm Springs area has always had a significant art culture associated with it. From early settlers who found inspiration in the rugged landscape to modern artists who showcase their work here, you will find unique art pieces composed of many different mediums within the art galleries in Palm Springs. There are three distinct areas within Palm Springs where you’ll find a higher concentration of art galleries: the Uptown District, the Downtown Area and the Backstreet Art District.

The Uptown District

Woodman/Shimko Gallery has as its tagline: Provincetown to Palm Springs, 3000 miles of art. The gallery features photography, sculpture and paintings from local artists residing on both coasts. Artists on display include photographers Jeff Palmer and Bobby Miller, ceramic artist Paul Bellardo, and painters Austin Calloway and Chet Jones, plus many other artists. Woodman/Shimko gallery is located at 1105 N. Palm Canyon Drive in Palm Springs.

Haya Art Gallery & Gift Collection is an experience in photograms, color and surrealism. A photogram is a complex process where light and filters are used to project an object directly on photographic paper. The effect is an artistic expression that produces a surreal image and opens up a variety of design options. You can also find and purchase collectibles from the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation at the gallery store. Haya Art Gallery is located at 1007 N Palm Canyon Drive in Palm Springs.

The Downtown Area

Established in 1986,  Stewart Galleries is a premier source for decorators, designers and collectors alike who value the latest trends. An extensive collection of coastal and desert landscapes highlights the masters of noted Plein Air and California Impressionist artists. Don’t miss the large collection of Majolica in the English, American and Continental styles. Stewart Galleries can be found at 191 S Indian Canyon Drive in Palm Springs.

Known for showing premier, cutting edge artists, Geras Tousignant Gallery has been representing contemporary, traditional and classic designs since 1998. You will find both American and international artists represented through various media including fine glass, paintings, photography and sculpture. The gallery also offers consultation services for corporate and private clients. Geras-Tousignant Gallery can be found 278 N. Palm Canyon Drive in Palm Springs.

The Backstreet Art District

Fusion Art is conceived out of a passion for artists and the art they create. The mission of founder Chris Hoffman is to connect & promote both new and seasoned artists with art collectors and provide a venue for art education and personal art experiences. The physical gallery opened in the Backstreet Art District in May, 2016 after its original inception as an online gallery. Experience art as a soulful expression at 4116 Matthew Drive in Palm Springs.

One of the newest galleries to open, Rebel Art Space is the love-child of three lifelong friends who share a Southern Heritage as well as a love of art. Artists both new and new to the area have a space which provides exposure to the vibrant art world of the greater Palm Springs area in the mid-century era Backstreet Arts District. Quarterly art exhibits keep the content fresh with an animal kingdom art theme being highlighted from April through July 2017. Rebel Art Space is located at 2604 South Cherokee Way in Palm Springs.

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