4 of the Best Clubs in Palm Springs, THE WESTCOTT

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March 17, 2016

4 of the Best Clubs in Palm Springs

4 of the Best Clubs in Palm Springs, THE WESTCOTT

Experiencing the nightlife of a new destination is always a treat!  If you’re visiting the marvelous desert town of Palm Springs, be sure to throw on your best clothes and explore the area after dark!  The Palm Springs nightlife is truly like no other; their one-of-a-kind dance clubs and extravagant venues are the ideal way to spend an evening out with friends.  Discover some of the most entertaining clubs in Palm Springs to help you decide where to visit first!

 1. Zelda’s Nightclub in Palm Springs, CA

This exciting venue is a favorite of visitors and locals alike!  A highlight of Palm Springs nightlife, Zelda’s Nightclub features some of the most entertaining events in downtown, including live DJ dance nights and themed parties.  With a wide drink selection and incredible specials, Zelda’s will make you want to return again and again!

 2.  Alibi Azul in Palm Springs, CA

Great food, hilarious comedy, fantastic happy hours, and an outdoor patio are only a few of the many wonderful attributes of Alibi Azul in Palm Springs!!  Located in the historic General Telephone Company building that dates back to 1934, this lively venue offers fantastic drinks and dishes in a fun and exciting environment.  Shoot some pool, have a drink, watch a show, or attend their Sunday disco brunch!  Alibi Azul guarantees an amazing night out on the town with your friends.

3. The Tropicale in Palm Springs, CA

A deluxe dining experience downtown, the Tropicale in Palm Springs, CA, creates some of the finest dishes and drinks around!  Savor some delightful cuisine in their elegant dining room; their menu includes everything from tapas to pizzas (and don’t forget to save room for their decadent desserts!).  After your dinner, make your way to their Coral Seas Lounge, one of the best Palm Springs bars.  A  hip, mid-century bar with funky furnishings and decor, this lounge mixes unique, specialty cocktails you can sip under the stars on their outdoor patio.

 4. Copa Palm Springs in Palm Springs, CA

One of the premier nightclubs in Palm Springs, Copa has everything you need for an unforgettable experience!  This old-fashioned bar features a variety of talented performers, like comedians and musicians.  They also host lavish parties, such as Latin dance nights and Lipstick Thursdays, and offer great specials, like Taco Tuesdays and happy hours.  If you’d like to enjoy dinner beforehand, the Tropicale is right next door!

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