4 Historical Postcards Of Palm Springs, California, THE WESTCOTT

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April 19, 2016

4 Historical Postcards Of Palm Springs, California

4 Historical Postcards Of Palm Springs, California, THE WESTCOTT

Palm Springs, California has a long history of being a tourist destination dating from the early 1900’s. Early visitors would soak in the hot spring water provided at the bath houses operated by the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians. Enterprising locals build hotels and sanitoriums to provide accommodations to visitors seeking both the health restorative waters and simple recreation.

Today we have many modern methods of sharing our vacation experiences with friends and family, many instantaneously. However, the earliest method to share the tranquil beauty of Palm Springs was by sending a post card. I was fortunate enough to receive from a recent guest a collection of 4 postcards featuring photographs of Stephen H. Willard. Willard produced both paintings and photographs of Western scenery for over 50 years beginning in 1912, many of which were printed as linen postcards by Curt Teich. Willard settled in Palm Springs a year after marrying Beatrice Armstrong in 1921 and opened a gallery & studio. He spent the next twenty-five years wandering the southwestern deserts of the Colorado and Mojave photographing the incredible landscapes. You can sense his passion for the Palm Springs area in these 4 postcards which document Western areas few had seen in the day.

Smoke Tree Forest

Smoke Tree Forest

The caption on the reverse side states: “Typical of Palm Springs are its vistas of snow capped mountains with foregrounds of queer desert vegetation.”

The San Jacinto and San Gorgonio mountains are favorite subjects of any photographer visiting the Coachella valley. With their striking rise above the desert floor, it is not unusual to enjoy comfortably warm surroundings while gazing at snow capped mountains during the winter months. The smoke tree is a popular landscaping feature, both man-made and in the wild. Winter rains help to bring out the greenery throughout the desert.

 Painted Canyon, California

4 Historical Postcards Of Palm Springs, California, THE WESTCOTT

The caption on the reverse side states: “A very interesting trip from Palm Springs is the canyon. Full of color and strange shapes of water erosion, it is a favorite picnic spot.”

The Mecca Hills Painted Canyon remains a popular hiking and picnic spot to this day. It is a great spot for a family hike and don’t forget your picnic basket! Just follow the arrows made of stone to find the best way to enjoy a truly remarkable corner of the Coachella Valley desert!

Sand Dunes and Snow-Capped Mountains. A Symphony of the Desert

4 Historical Postcards Of Palm Springs, California, THE WESTCOTT

The caption on the reverse side states: “This picture emphasizes contrasts of nature to be found in the Coachella Valley.”

You never have to travel far outside the city limits to find the sand dunes as a foreground to the San Jacinto mountains. The sage bush seen here are green and lush after winter rains but will turn into tumbleweeds as the summer kicks in. The winds which help shape the sand dunes are also a source of electrical power thanks to windmill farms located in the northern part of Palm Springs.

 Palm Canyon Drive at Night, Palm Springs, California

4 Historical Postcards Of Palm Springs, California, THE WESTCOTT

No caption on reverse side, but none needed!

Palm trees still line Palm Canyon drive throughout town with up-lighting to highlight the expansive fronds reaching out over the street and sidewalk. The sidewalk does not roll up here at night! It is a leisurely stroll from POSH Palm Springs Inn to take in the shopsdining and night-life which Palm Springs offers.

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